General Surgery


As well as excellent tasks, skills and suturing simulation, high fidelity hands-on training of complex complete laparoscopic procedures is a unique benefit of the LAP Mentor, providing a safe environment for trainees to:

  • Enhance knowledge of the procedure.
  • Practice decision making.
  • Improve technical skills and performance.
  • Perform critical steps of the procedure.
  • Perform errors and practice control of complications.
  • Encounter difficult or rare cases, which may otherwise not be encountered during a training period.
  • LAP Mentor platforms are available with or without tactile experience when using the surgical tools for enhancing true-to-life feel of tissue resistance during surgery simulation, providing the highest level of hands-on training.
Technical Skills Reporting and Assessment

Comprehensive performance reports provide feedback to both the learner and the educator in order to assess skill level and training success. Optional online access to the system via MentorLearn allows monitoring of the simulator activity and learner’s progress from anywhere, anytime. Reports include:

  • Objective metrics based on tools such as OSATS.
  • Customizable expert-derived goals established by scientific institutions.
  • Learning curve graphs.

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