The Combined GI-BRONCH Mentor™ Platform Offers a Comprehensive Training Environment for GI Endoscopy and Flexible Bronchoscopy

The BRONCH Mentor™ provides a true to life working environment using an authentic scope with tactile feedback, and realistic visualization displayed on a 24” touch screen.
The flexible system configuration supports either lateral or posterior working positions for either team or solo training.

A physical syringe enables realistic fluids delivery and BAL performance, while a physical master tool simulates a wide variety of bronchoscopic tools, such as biopsy forceps, cytology brush, aspirating needle, balloon, electrocautery probes and more.
Since the master tool requires user activation both in the working channel and of the tool handle, it is optimal for team training; solo trainees can use the virtual activation feature as an additional pair of hands.


A Flexible, All Inclusive, and Highly Reactive Training Environment

The BRONCH Mentor™ flexible configuration supports real life options such as posterior and lateral working positions, oral or nasal scope introduction, various classification methods for bronchial segments, and team or solo practice. A variety of virtual patient cases exhibiting realistic all-inclusive patient behavior enable training and assessment of patient management during elective, ICU and emergency situations.

Using the BRONCH Mentor, the trainee is provided with a training opportunity covering the full extent of the bronchoscopic procedure, while allowing for gradual and controlled simultaneity thus optimizing the individual learning curve.

The BRONCH Mentor™ user has at his disposal:
  • Realistic simulation environment, incorporating authentic scope with tactile feedback and simulated physics, flexible working setup, and a full screen mode in which display is restricted to displays available during a real procedure.
  • True to life patient environment consisting of virtual patient cases modeled after real patients, with varying anatomies and diverse pathologies. Each patient environment exhibits simulated physiology including larynx contraction, breathing and coughing, and individual attributes such as difficult to sedate, being prone to bleeding etc.
  • The highly reactive simulation incorporates reactive vital signs and consciousness level affected by virtual patient characteristics and user actions, as well as reactive complications, such as hypoxemia, bleeding, hypotension, hypertension arrhythmia and more.
  • Comprehensive ongoing patient management including moderate sedation administration with varying effects on virtual patients, topical anesthesia administration and influence, oxygen supplement and complete patient monitoring.
  • Educational aids enhancing 3D perception and anatomical knowledge such as external visualization, anatomy atlas, internal orientation aids, anatomy labels, etc.
  • Educational environment promoting safe and efficient performance including real time guidance warnings and alerts, tutorials and video clips and comprehensive performance metrics.
  • The instructor can conveniently monitor trainees’ individual progress. Elaborate performance metrics allow for retrospect and evaluation after each performance. Effective evaluation of various bronchoscopic skills, patient management and clinical performance is easily accessible at all times.
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