What makes this centre unique?

GSL is one of its kind in the entire country with 5 simulators, an animal experimental lab and a skills lab all under one roof, premier faculty with enormous experience in their respective fields, a dedicated team and most importantly, the vision of Dr. Ganni Sandeep to make GSL SMART lab a seemly destination for world class Surgical and Medical Training.


Simulation Lab
Skills Lab experimental Animal Lab



Provides basic and advanced complete procedural training as well as high fidelity hands-on training of complex complete laparoscopic procedures. It features 13 training modules and over 65 tasks and cases.

As well as excellent tasks, skills and suturing simulation, high fidelity hands-on training of complex complete laparoscopic procedures is a unique benefit of the LAP Mentor, providing a safe environment for trainees to:

  • Enhance knowledge of the procedure.
  • Practice decision making.
  • Improve technical skills and performance.
  • Perform critical steps of the procedure.
  • Perform errors and practice control of complications.
  • Encounter difficult or rare cases, which may otherwise not be encountered during a training period.
  • LAP Mentor platforms are available with or without tactile experience when using the surgical tools for enhancing true-to-life feel of tissue resistance during surgery simulation, providing the highest level of hands-on training.


Provides training of gastrointestinal upper and lower endoscopic procedures, offering a comprehensive library of modules with more than 120 tasks. It offers a combined system for the training of both GI Endoscopy and Flexible Bronchoscopy.

The GI Mentor enables the instructor to easily design and assign tutorials to selected trainees. Elaborate objective measurements are provided following each performance, allowing for ongoing trainee monitoring, as well as self evaluation by the trainee himself.

  • The most comprehensive hands-on curriculum available
  • The most realistic VR simulation available
  • The only hands-on simulator offering EUS training
  • Validated in over Forty studies during the last ten years
  • A user friendly and mobile platform, incorporating Flexible Bronchoscopy modules
  • Compatible for trainees with various clinical needs � from basic procedures to the most advanced
  • Demonstrated a sustained skill transference effect superior to other training methods


Provides training in knee and shoulder arthroscopy procedures. It aids in gaining eye-hand coordination for synchronous usage of arthoscopic camera and virtual instruments.

The ARTHRO Mentor was the first available arthroscopy training simulator on the market worldwide and is currently the most comprehensive, including , basic skills training, full procedures and diagnostics.

Hands-on knee, shoulder and hip training from very basic skills relevant for PGY1 residents, up to complete Labral repair procedures for advanced users.

Realistic and accurate simulation of tissue, organs, instruments and optics.


Provides hands-on practice of endovascular procedures performed under fluorscopy in the cath lab, interventional suite or and OR. ECHO visualization capabilities gives inter-operative structural and functional assessment of cardiac structures in real time.

  • Learn and practice the procedural steps.
  • Encounter a variety of anatomies, including difficult or rare anatomies, which may otherwise not be encountered during a training period.
  • Improve technical skills and performance.
  • Experience a variety of diagnostic and interventional devices.
  • Perform errors and manage real time complications.
  • Improve imaging and radiation safety skills


Aids in acquiring and improving sonography skills on a variety of virtual patients with abdominal ultrasound and echocradiography modules

Offering realistic ultrasound training and objective assessment

The U/S Mentor provides educational and clinical environments for comprehensive training of ultrasound exam protocols:

  • An elegant modular platform supports both desktop and standalone configurations
  • True-to-life, palpable mannequins can be alternated for continuous training
  • Realistic probe switch for immediate alternated approach: TTE/TEE, TAS/TVS
  • A true-to-life complex ultrasound image, presenting common ultrasound attributes and artifacts
  • Basic to advanced image enhancement tools and controls are freely available
  • Advanced diagnostic tools are at the user disposal: Color Doppler, CW, PW, M-mode, measurements and more
  • Realistic anatomies physiology and pathologies offering a diverse range of normal to abnormal scenarios
  • Training to the full extent of the actual procedure: starting with patient complaints and tests, through scanning and documenting, and complete with clinical interpretation and reporting the findings


CPR Training Mannequins Provides realistic adult CPR and Infant CPR training and other core skills for BLS training.

Advanced Skill Trainer Mannequin

Focuses on the core skills of ACLS training. Operated with a SimPad, it provides comprehensive instructor - to - student debriefing and documentation of key events along with instructions on first aid and extrication.

Simulated ICU and OT rooms with attached debriefing room provide realistic learning environment.


Equipped with latest equipment and instruments. Completely sterilized.

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