Health care and medical Education faces an ethical impasse on using patients as practicing tools as it is bounded by an obligation to provide optimal treatment while ensuring patient safety. To this end, the latest concept of simulation plays a crucial role in acclimatizing healthcare professionals with all the required skills in performing the most complicated procedures without risking patient safety. Simulation-based training has been standardized in various high-risk professions such as aviation, military,and nuclear power to ensure safety and crucial risk. modern healthcare also seeks such competency-based instruction. Simulation-based medical education not only helps in error management, training for risky procedures and assessing competencies but also provides a safe learning environment for repeated practice of meta-cognitive and psycho-motor skills.

GSL - Simulation Modules for Advanced Research and Training Laboratory - A World class medical and surgical training platform aims at remodeling the approach towards patient safety and care in India. It has a cutting edge training system with new age fidelity simulators, a modern skills lab with basic and advanced skill trainer mannequins, premier faculty with enormous experience in their respective fields, a dedicated team and most importantly, a vision to make GSL Clinical Simulation Lab a seemly destination for world class Medical and Surgical Training.

To know more about GSL Medical College & General Hospital visit: www.gslmc.com

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